“Bring It On Mitch”

I normally don’t post more than one blog weekly but am making an exception this week because of the smug response of some democrats to Senator McConnell’s plan to hold a vote on the Green New Deal.

Senator Durbin, on Morning Joe this morning, took pleasure in saying that he hopes that Senator McConnell brings up the Green New Deal for a vote so that he can ask him if he believes that human activities cause global warming.  Apparently, Senator Durbin like most climate advocates believe that republicans and skeptics are knuckle dragging troglodyte deniers.

Senator McConnel could begin his response by stating that climate change is real, that CO2 contributes to warming, and that human activities contribute to global warming.  He could then ask the senator if he can point to the science, not models and assumptions, that demonstrates that humans are mainly responsible for warming over the past 6 or so decades?  He can also ask if the science on climate is settled, why does the IPCC estimate of climate sensitivity vary by a factor of three. Since the warming response to increasing is not linear, he could ask where on the warming curve is the world?

In discussing the Green New Deal (GND), republicans could ask its democrat supporters the following:

  • If ask Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez contends we have only a little more than a decade to avoid disaster, how are we going to get China, India, developing nations to abandon coal?
  • With 268 million registered vehicles in the US and a turnover rate of about 15 years, how are proponents going to get them off the road and what will they replace them with?
  • If trains are to replace airplanes, how will citizens get to Hawaii or Europe?
  • Since Bill Gates has criticized wind and solar energy as being unreliable, what will replace the current electrical enerating system?
  • If wind and solar are the answer, what is source of storage when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine?
  • Where does the money come from to all of these things so quickly when it has been estimated that just replacing electrical power generating could cost $15 trillion?

Although Senate floor debates are more about political theater than actual debates, the back and forth on the Green New Deal might turn out to be an educational experience about some important realities about climate change and how they should shape policy responses.

Author: billo38@icloud.com

Founder and president of Solutions Consulting which focuses on public policy issues, strategic planning, and strategic communications.

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